Ant Design System for Figma (Basic Package)

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Design and develop Ant Design projects faster than ever

The powerful UI kit for Figma based on the most popular React UI library - Ant Design. Create and implement well-documented Ant Design apps in no time! The UI kit is fully packed with the best features to make work easier for designers and developers working on Ant Design projects.

  • Built with Figma Tokens that you can sync with your code
  • Auto layout 4.0, Variants, Component Properties
  • Hover and click interactions for easy prototyping
  • Switch between light and dark theme
  • Developer friendly components
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Pixel-perfect components your developers will love!

Top-quality Ant Design components for Figma

The components are built with the best Figma features, making the design process easy and fast.

  • Fully customizable
  • Hover and click interactions for easy prototyping
  • Auto layout 4.0
  • Variants + Component properties

Designed with the development process in mind

We built each component with great features to make Ant Design’s project implementation process faster and easier for developers.

  • Consistent with Ant Design of React
  • Sample React code in the Inspect panel
  • Quick link to Ant Design docs

Built with Figma Tokens

Components use the same tokens and naming as the original Ant Design .less files. You can easily customize the entire UI kit and then sync it with your code.

  • Fast and easy customization
  • Sync with your .less files in the code project
  • Easily switch between light and dark themes
  • Create a multi-brand design system

Empowered with smart Ant Design icon library

Don't waste time looking for icons with every new project you start. Use pixel-perfect 24x24 px icons consistent with the Ant Design library.

  • Over 700 Ant Design icons
  • Sample React code in the Inspect panel
  • Quick link to Ant Design docs

Customize however you want

You can easily apply your branding to the entire UI kit by changing the font, color, and component properties in a few seconds. What is more, you can later sync those changes with your code.


Change the font family, font sizes, or line heights of all components at once in seconds.


Change all colors of the design system or reference other colors from Ant Design with Figma Tokens.


By default, the system uses a 4px grid, but if you need to set up your spacing values, you can also do it in seconds with Figma Tokens.

Rocket-fast implementation

The UI kit was built on the principles of Ant Design and optimized for Figma. The system is frequently updated and used by the best companies. While Ant Design System for Figma is a UI kit for design software, it has also been designed to simplify developers’ life so you can implement Ant Design projects quickly and efficiently.

Sync Figma Tokens with your .less files

You won’t find it elsewhere! Figma Tokens Sync is a dedicated feature we built on top of the Figma Tokens plugin that will allow you to sync your tokens with your Ant Design of React project. For example, you can change the primary color or font family in your Figma file and sync your changes with your Ant Design code project, which will reflect those changes.

Use developer-friendly components and icons

Unlike other UI kits, Ant Design System for Figma focuses not only on designer experience but also puts a strong emphasis on developer workflow. Components have an example of the React code in the Inspect panel and a quick link to Ant Design documentation, so the implementation process is faster and easier.

Switch between two themes in one file with one click.

You can easily switch between light and dark themes in your project with the Figma Tokens. All you need to do is to select the required theme set in the plugin.

The best Figma features

Ant Design System for Figma uses the best features and plugins to save you hundreds of hours while working on your projects in Figma.

  • Auto Layout 4.0: All components use Auto Layout. This feature lets you create designs that grow to fill or shrink to fit and reflow as their contents change.
  • Components & Variants: Variants introduce a new way to group and organize variants of the same component. Components are easier to maintain and more intuitive to use.
  • Figma Tokens: Whenever you change the token's properties - Figma will apply those changes to any objects using that token.

Used and loved by over 4000 solopreneurs and teams

From freelance designers to enterprise teams, Ant Design System for Figma is making the design process easier for design pros worldwide. Ant Design System for Figma is perfect for creating internal tools or client work. Companies like Zalando, Allegro, or eBay have already saved hundreds of hours on their UI design.


This is an absolute time-saver. The entire product is prepared with utmost attention to detail, everything is well organized and easy to use even for inexperienced designers and developers who are not very familiar with design software. It helps to save hundreds of hours, so you can forget about recreating the same UI components in every single project over and over again. - Greg Dlubacz - Lead designer at Catenda AS


Software Engineers that I have partnered with on projects that utilize the Ant Design are amazed that my comps are just like their code. This creates a powerful relationship. This kit gives you the power you need, ability to design faster, add customization that you need, and bring ideas to life. It’s definitely worth the price. - Christopher Carter - Freelance UI Designer


Each component is constructed with care and precision. Covering more states and scenarios than you will find elsewhere. Not only that but the fact Matt constructs each component with auto-layout, makes this kit incredibly robust and flexible. It will supercharge your workflow and save you time, so you can focus on solving those complex UX problems! - Miriam Isaac - UX Designer

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Packed with the best Figma features

Auto Layout 4.0
Light and Dark
Interactive Components
Component Properties
Figma Tokens plugin supported
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Ant Design System for Figma (Basic Package)

177 ratings
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