Ant Design Charts for Figma

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Visualize the data with easy-to-use charts for Figma

The powerful library of charts and graphs based on the Ant Design Charts react library.

Design dashboards, analytics, presentations, and more with the set of the most common data visualization patterns that are simple to use and customize.

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80+ Scalable Charts

In the UI kit, you will find multiple charts within different categories. Line charts, column charts, bar charts, pie charts, area charts, scatter charts, heatmap charts, radar charts are included.

Handcrafted Components

Charts are well-organized Figma components built from scratch. You can quickly grab them from the assets panel and use them in your designs.

Auto Layout and Variants

Most of the components were built with auto layout and variants, making them easy to maintain and more intuitive to use.

Apply Your Style

The typography and colors used in charts were created with Figma styles. Whenever you change a style's properties - Figma will apply those changes to any objects using that style.

Modify with Ease

Thanks to a well-thought component structure, you can add your own data visualizations or modify existing charts with ease.

Free Updates

All major Figma or Ant Design Charts updates will be added to the UI kit. Updates are free, and you will receive the new files via email.

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Ant Design Charts for Figma

6 ratings
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